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Fine Designer Jewellery, Watches, Wedding Rings and Engagement rings, designer jewellery
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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Troll Beads the original collectable bead

Wave contemporary jewellery
is pleased to announce the launch of trollbeads in it Manchester store. This will be shorlty followed by the beads being available in wave Lancaster ,Kendal Bowness And london. watch this space but for now to get more information follow this link

About Trollbeads at

A unique concept in bespoke jewellery, the original and authentic Danish Trollbeads features an extensive range of high quality, highly individual beads depicting over 400 intricate designs. Trollbeads has a passionate and committed following throughout the country; a testament to the quality and individuality of the jewellery.

Produced by Lise Aagaard in Copenhagen, Denmark, Trollbeads has been developed over the past 33 years. The product has won international artistic recognition and was exhibited at Sculpture Objects and Functional Art in Chicago and New York.

Each bead in the range is individually hand-crafted using quality raw materials including sterling silver, 18 &14 ct gold, Italian glass, natural pearls and precious stones. The jewellery is unusual in that each bead has its own symbolism and history which can be interpreted by the individual to celebrate an experience or an event. The many different symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac signs, colours and materials featured in the beads offer endless variations and combinations which make the jewellery both distinctive and personal.

A collection of individually selected beads can be attractively displayed on Trollbeads foxtail bracelets and chains which are supplied in either sterling silver or 14ct gold. The beads create an exclusive and unusual lifestory bracelet of necklace which is entirely unique to the wearer.